PXP Framework

We’ve spoken with Founders, C-Level executives, and Partnership professionals who are all facing the same challenge: How to create a partner program that drives success.

A successful partner program needs to be tailored to the company’s unique characteristics, solutions, clients, and ecosystem to help achieve growth goals. There are many partnership options available, and each company’s partner strategy will be unique.

While there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint, there are proven methods and frameworks that can help establish a winning partner strategy.

PartnerXperience uses a clear 3-step approach to build successful, sustainable partnerships for B2B SaaS companies worldwide. Our approach focuses on creating a meaningful partner strategy that prioritizes a great partner experience right from the beginning of the initiative.

shows the pxp framwork, consisting of partner notion, partner concept and partner program

  • Core requirement for launching a Partner initiative successfully
  • Achieve leadership alignment and stakeholder buy-in
  • Define goals & success
  • Issue work order for the Partner Concept
  • Feasibility analysis for defined goals
  • Selection and prioritization for partner types
  • Definition of partner value proposition
  • Market validation
  • Create GoToMarket plan including resources and timing
  • Creation of all program collaterals
  • Definition of processes
  • Recruitment and establishing of partner team
  • (Dis)qualification of potential partner
  • Kicking off partner recruitment and enablement (Full Partner Life Cycle)