the Power of Partnerships

PartnerXperience (PXP) helps B2B SaaS companies to leverage the power of partnerships & ecosystems to achieve sustainable long-term and capital-efficient growth

Partnerships are an important driver of growth for talentsconnect.

Tapping into PartnerXperience’s knowledge and experience with their Advisory enables us to overcome challenges, avoid mistakes and constantly improve our partner program, taking it to the next level.

And it’s easy and fun to work with them, I especially enjoy the pragmatic and hands-on advice.

Lars Wolfram

Co-Founder, talentsconnect AG

I highly recommend PartnerXperience for their exceptional guidance in establishing our Partnerships department.

Their expertise, hands-on approach, and dedication to our success were invaluable, enabling us to create a robust strategy, recruit talent, and negotiate partnerships.

PartnerXperience is an outstanding consultancy for businesses seeking to grow their partnerships.

Florian Dietrich

Chief Operations Officer, TIMIFY

PXP Academy is the leading provider for education and training about partnerships and ecosystems in Europe.
Our comprehensive certification and course program designed to help professionals and companies to Unlock the Power of Partnerships. 

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Partnerships have increasing importance for successful SaaS companies

Every founder and executive knows partnerships are good for the company; leading VCs call it “a number one priority”, yet many companies do not have a partner business – or it’s not really bringing the results they hoped for.

There are no blueprints for partnerships, but proven methods to make every collaboration successful

Like partnerships in our personal life, each is individually unique and depends massively on the partners and people involved. There is no shortcut to establishing a long-term relationship.

Partnerships bring resilience, efficiency and sustainable growth to your business

Unlock the power of partnerships as early as possible. Depending on your company’s context (product, maturity, market) partnerships can integrate into your business for co-selling, co-innovating, co-marketing…

The success of partnerships is strongly influenced by leadership understanding and support

Clear alignment to your company’s strategic goals and full leadership buy-in – across all relevant departments – are preconditions for your partnership initiative to strive.

About Us

Each partnership is unique. Creating mutual beneficial long term relationships does not work by simply copying what others did. PartnerXperience (PXP) brings more than two decades of experience in designing, building and scaling successful diverse partner programs in various B2B SaaS companies.

Over the years, we developed a proven methodology to identify the best partner fit for our clients, design individual partner strategies with the teams and transfer them into striving partnership organizations driving growth.

This goes way beyond the basic partner commission table or defining an IPP. We look at the Partner Experience holistically. For a long time companies around the globe think about their CX – their Customer Experience. It is time for you to think about PXP – your Partner Experience.

If you want to learn more about how we can support your company in providing the best Partner Experience, check out our services or contact us today!

Bernhard Friedrichs


While developing, scaling or internationally expanding SaaS and non-SaaS businesses, I can always rely on the power of partnerships to get the job done most efficiently.

Because I am a tech enthusiast and business developer by heart, I am excited to be part of the rising “Era of Ecosystems” that combines technological evolution and partnerships.

When not reading, writing or talking about tech and collaborative business relationships, I like to travel, bike and cook new recipes.

Martin Scholz


After starting my career in banking and a degree in economics I had the chance to explore various industries and company sizes before finding my sweet spot being B2B SaaS Start-ups and Scale-Ups – you can check my full journey on LinkedIn.

If I am not brainstorming about partner strategy or building partnerships I am a father of two who likes to bike and ski, amongst other things.




PXP Advisory is a monthly retainer-based subscription without a long-term commitment. You receive a monthly contingent of consulting hours to access advisory services from our highly experienced consultants. These hours can be used for instance for a regular check-in to discuss current challenges, collect feedback and advise on ideas or concepts, or to review content your company created.


PXP Consulting is a retainer-based service designed to help SaaS companies build and grow efficient partnerships organizations and ecosystems. It follows our proven 3-step methodology of Partner Fit, Partner Strategy and Execution. The typical project duration is three till six months. Depending on your needs and requirements we consult in-house and/or remote. 



PXP Workshop is a one or two day in-house event focusing on strategic or operational topics related to partnerships and ecosystems. The interactive and guided team sessions are customized to address current issues or questions within the client’s business. Each workshop is tailored to the client’s needs and includes preparation and revision before and after the event.

Partnerships & Ecosystem

Partnerships Fit

Partner Strategy

Go-To-Partner Plan

Partner Experience

"There are no blueprints for partnerships, but proven methods to make every collaboration successful."

- Martin Scholz

Partner Recruiting

Lead Management

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Contracting & Legal

"The acquisition of channel partners is not a sales process; it's a recruitment process."

- Bernhard Friedrichs

Partner Management

Onboarding & Enablement

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Partner Success

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

- Booker T. Washington

Partner Marketing

Role of Marketing

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"Partnerships are good engines for narrative."

- Tommy Lee Jones

Success Measurement

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"Trust is the new data."

- Jared Fuller (PartnerHacker)

Hiring & Scaling

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Partner Manager Training

"Partnerships is the #1 hire that we hear our early companies making. Our best-performing companies are relying very heavily on partnerships."

- Sarah Wang (Andreessen Horowitz)