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We help SaaS companies to build and scale effective Partnership Organizations

Don’t go alone!

Today’s most Successful Growth Strategies for SaaS are built on Partnerships

70% of all partnerships fail. PartnerXperience will change that for you with a proven method to build and scale partnerships organizations

Ecosystem Partner

The Power of Together
Depending on the product and solution provided, there can be a variety of partners that contribute to building the Ecosystem of a SaaS company. Ecosystem Partners support the revenue generation in an indirect way, e.g. by helping to promote and build the brand, by extending the reach or functionality of a solution, opening doors to generate leads for the direct sales team, or generally helping to establish the company within a certain industry or ecosystem. Very often these ecosystem partners are product companies themselves, in opposite to service and sales-oriented Channel Partner.

Channel Partner

Your Extended Sales Force
Channel Partner are revenue-generating partners that actively sell or distribute the product to the customer. Often these are companies, who are providing services adjacent to the product, e.g. agencies, system integrators, consultancies, experts etc. Depending on the activities covered by the partner and relation to the customers the partner can be identified as Referral, Reseller, Distributor or OEM partner.

Skip Trial & Error!

There is no need to try around and hope for the best

Acting without a plan wastes time and money. It can also create frustration within the company and often burns important opportunities in the beginning that will not recover.   


We help you to start with a plan, identifying the best partnerships fit for your business and make sure to define all key elements for a scalable partnerships organisation.

Trial & Error

Analysis & Scoping

Ideal Partner Profile

Partnerships Strategy

Partner Program

Go-To-Market Plan

Ready to make Partnerships work for You?


Partnership Seminars

  • NPartnership Fundamentals
  • NPartnerships Strategy


  • International Expansion
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Ecosystem Building
Date: Slots are available from February 2022
Language: English, German
Location: To be agreed
Participants: max. 8 person
Duration: 1 day

2900€ +VAT(excl. travels & accommodation)

Individual Consulting

 Individual consultation project with a duration of 3-6 months. Suitable to start and or grow an existing partnerships organization.

1. Scoping and identifying the right partnerships fit for the company, product and market.

2. Defining the right partner profile, partnerships strategy, partner program and go-to-market plan.

3.  Setup for scaling, headcount planning and  training of staff

Date: To be agreed
Duration: up to 6 months
Language: English, German
Location: Remote + Client location

Individual Pricing

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